Fifth Story: My First Dress

New Doc 2017-04-11_10

AND that day was my farewell, everyone is excited and emotional. We were the super seniors of the school and now we are gonna leave all this memories and fun behind heading for a good future. My Dress for this special day was simple and classy, it was from Canada, one of my relatives brought me, actually it was for one of my cousins but she is somewhat fat so it was passed on to me. I was not at all angry or something because the dress was classy and simple, just like one of my types. I was happy for that day but we might never meet our classmates again but i was quite sure that i will be in touch with my close friends and my bro ( classmate who is bro by heart not by blood) and my two best friends, head boy and head girl of the school. I was not at all emotional that, i was in a mood of fun and was thinking how am i looking. There was no dress code at the event, someone was wearing a beautiful gown, someone was in a ethnic dresses, but i was in a one piece. I am not that girly, i never wear dresses like those and it was a big deal for me. I was such a tomb boy types that some of my friends call me “bro” (sarcastically) now also. Lame!!

New Doc 2017-04-11_11
Well so here i am in my farewell wearing that black and red, one of my favourite color combination, i am walking through the entrance and my best friend shouted “Oh My God! , you totally looks like a girl” and i was like come on, i am a girl. Then as i meet my classmates, maybe for the last time, i was showered with compliments and female teachers was also kinda interested, of course not male teachers. So, now i am like okay, mission look beautiful at my farewell successful. My day was not unexpectedly fantastic, it was just a special day with my special mates. There was yummy food, dance, DJ and Fun of course.