About The Story: My First Dress

My First Dress, what type of story is this? In her teens every girl want to wear a beautiful or classy dress at some weeding or formal party or something. Every girl has a story of her first dress, when she wore a dress for the first time just the way she wanted, prepare for the event, was excited to wear the dress she has choosen, it might be classy and simple or beautiful and heavy. Plus every boy had a day in his teens when he wore a formal suit at some weeding or formal party, a suit which looks so classy and fantastic. He feels like he is growing up, a step towards adulthood. Well i do have a day when i properly wore a formal dress at my farewell party of high school. I was so excited and happy, i wore that dress like 10-20 times before attending the main event to see how i look like. I wanted to look so pretty and awesome in front of my teachers and friends and juniors of course AND That day was……


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