After Part: My First Sport

When ,Why and How do i stop practicing Skating?
Well, when i got in higher classes my mom and dad stop supporting for sports and studies should be periority. But then also when i was like 13 or 14 i still use to participate in near by competitions but when it comes to out of town, i was not allowed. I was still contributing something in the sport i love but when my mom dad got separated and i gotta move out with my brother and mom. New School, new friends, new environment. In starting it was somewhat difficult but when i got some contacts, i heard my new school is good in skating competitions but when i talked to sir and starting practicing, i was back my skates, my sports was back but, when the competition came. I was not able to attend. Why? because my level of skating doesn’t match with others so my competition will be on a different timing, so my sir refused to take me to the competition from school side and i can’t go on my own as i can’t tell my mom and grandpa that i am still in sports as i am in high school and they want me to concentrate on studies only. My friends were supporting my completely but sir refused to take my friends with me so i had no choice but to miss the chance. But i didn’t gave up, i talked to sir to change my level of skating, to change my skates and i even start practicing with new skates provided by sir. It was few weeks i have been practicing and i realized what am i doing? i cannot replaced the skates i won competitions with. So at last i gave up.


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