My First Sport

In one or the other part of one’s life, everyone have a sport, and memories related to that. Maybe you tried one or two and gave up or you tried and failed and tried and tried and won or maybe you were or are a sportsperson. I am the one who tried in many sports and was good in some of them. I was kinda a sports person. I played Baseball, football, was in athletics and skating, also tried swimming which was big fail. My first sport was skating, i was 10 years old when my father gifted me skates and i learned it by myself.

New Doc 2017-04-11_7

After a year or so i heard of a competition in school, i got so freaking excited. I was new,  i didn’t knew i can really skate well or not i was so confident about it, i always loved competitions, not like i need a really hard competition to win over or anything, i just love too win, its easy or hard, just love to win and who don’t, everyone love to win, but when you win every single game then your mind and soul demand competition. I participated, i didn’t knew its gonna be that much big opportunity for me but i am glad i was like so confident and tension free that time that i participated which lead to love skating more and more.  For temporary practice coach came up in school and he advice my father to give me training for good future in skating so my father paid him for me and of course my brother, no discrimination.

New Doc 2017-04-11_9

In that competition which was basically my first competition, i lost, i fell on the track, but that lost was just a beginning after that i got raining i switch to advance skates, learned that and i was not a noob anymore. Simultaneously i was trying my luck in athletics too but i got too attached with skates and skating. I went to competitions and i won few of them. I meet Poo, who became my classmate and hang out bud afterwards, because of skate, she was also a good skater. I meet many friends there, but i was so immature and was so into skating that i never bother that much about friends and shit, i wish i can be that ME again. Skating was big part of my life, I just love everything about sating, those wheels, those practice, those rinks, those helmets, Every sing thing. Now? Now i don’t do skating as a competition or practice, i do it for fun, for show off maybe, for the memories i got with those skates.

New Doc 2017-04-11_8


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