About the Story: My First Sport

My fourth Story is gonna be about My First Sport as a child. Everyone somewhere, in some phase of his or her life participate in some sports or try some type of Sport. When i met somebody and there’s nothing to talk about then his or her first sport of fav sport is a good topic to talk to. I was a sports girl in my school life, yeah, not now because of some bla bla reasons. My first first sport was skating, interesting NO? Very Interesting for me, i just love skating. I had tried many other sports too but best and first is skating. I started this sport when my father gave me a surprise birthday gift, Skates, and i was so happy even though i didn’t knew how to skate so i learned it by myself and for a year i skate for passing time and because its fun. Then a turning point came and my father gain helped me to rise up as skater but.
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