After Story (First Kiss)

Time for the after part, What happened to cam and my relationship? We broke up after many fights and stuff. Our relationship last for like 6 months. First as I told you he was really serious for me but that was just a temporary attraction, and at first I took our relation lightly but when he became casual I got serious and our relationship was completely ruined. According to me one of the reasons our relationship failed was our thinking and we were not mature enough. I think whatever happens is for god. While I was struggling with my relationship I met a friend’s brother and talked to him online, who became really good friend of mine and was like one standard lower than me age wise we are almost same as I am one year younger in my class as my mom put me in a school at younger age.

Well that guy was my First Love. Everybody have a guy/girl whom you cannot get over with as they were your longest relationship partner or love of your life or you don’t know why you just cannot forget completely about them. I also got one!

You want to know more?




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