First Kiss

I had my first kiss when i was like 14 and a half years old. I don’t really remember the date. I am not one of them who can easily mug up the phone numbers and remember everyone’s birthday and stuff, it took me five years to remember mine.

New Doc 2017-04-11_1

Lets move on, I am in 10th standard and i am in a relationship with a senior, who is a science student, for past a month. Lets call my him Cam. So Cam is a smart guy, i like him but basically i am his girlfriend because my group likes him and i want to be the girl with a smart boyfriend.

Cam really like to be with me and he is really sweet. He is a guy who is romantic but is not that involved in fights and all, if by chance he got into a fight, he will the one who always get bitten by some powerful and strong guy of the school. He is not that good studies but i can say he was pretty good in romance. He was asking me for a hang out for past a week so now i planned to go with him on a triad fair. Poo and Nick is also with us as Poo is now my best friend and my hang out buddy now. We are on a double date. I am not really Awkward with Nick he is a really good friend of mine now, i sometimes help him with his relationship stuff and all.

New Doc 2017-04-11_3

Well I am not that found of Swings and all but he force me to acompany him on the Big Wheel and i was thinking at time “Oh my gosh, is he planning for a Kiss?” as some days ago we were talking about our first kiss and he was really excited. I wanna Kiss him but as its gonna be my first one, my thoughts were scaring me:

“What if he didn’t liked it and breakup with me?”

“I am gonna be the girl who got dumb.”

“What if after the ride he will told his friend how bad i kiss?”

“My lips are so dry!”

“I should have put some extra lip bum today.”

“I maybe so bad at it i don’t wanna do it.”

New Doc 2017-04-11_2

and now i am in the big wheel with him. We are sitting facing each other and i grab his hand as i was little scared and we are talking about how tall this swing is, how he is scared of swings and suddenly he slide his face towards mine and asked me for a kiss. I nodded and and licked my lips so that it doesn’t feel that dry and our lips met each other slitly and then we are kissing each other softly. His lips are so watery and soft. He might be good at it, i can’t judge as it was my first time but that 1 minute felt really different and i am like wow “Achievment Unlocked”.


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