My First Boyfriend (Part B)

I like you too!” and i was like WOW i have a bf now
Achievement Unlocked“,i was like
“Am i his girlfriend now?”
“What if i am a bad girlfriend?”
“Do i gotta kiss him and all stuff”
“How the fuck i should behave now?”
“Should i ask him directly whether i am officially his girlfriend or what?”
“Now i am the committed one in the group.”
“I am not feeling anything by the way”
“Am i on the right track??”
NO, i was so stupid, seriously why? why? why i did that stupidity?. Well i didn’t really asked the guy whether we are in a relationship or didn’t really cleared things between us. Next day in school i told Poo that i have a bf now, who is Nick and surprisingly she was not shocked at all.

New Doc 2017-03-09_4

That day when i talked to Nick in my school bus he was not at all different, we were same as before and i was asking myself “Whats going on?, that’s how we act in a relationship?”. That day at night i asked nick whether i am your girlfriend or not, seriously i was that stupid, and he refused and i was feeling confused , i was like what he is gonna tell his friends that how stupid a girl in his bus is, who proposed him.
Next day when i asked Poo whats going on she just told me that happens and its normal i should not worry i will get someone soon and i didn’t argue much as i was so new in these stuff and i became normal again. But wait, this is not the end.

New Doc 2017-03-09_2

After a week or so Poo herself told me that he is in relationship with Nick and asked me to not to tell anybody and i was standing there figuring out how to act now. I just acted normally and congratulated her but inside i was so confused and irritated. If she knew than why didn’t she told me Nick don’t really like me and she likes Nick? Well i don’t know i was a fool there or she was stupid.


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