My First Boyfriend (Part A)

I had my first boyfriend when i was 12 years old, oh my god now it seems like a really really young age. I didn’t even got my periods at that age, well that doesn’t make any sense. I was in 8th class, i just got shifted from another school, so new school, new class, new friends. Luckly i got an old friend of mine in my new new school which was an advantage as i had learned how to act and how i can modify myself according to people and all. She became my best friend afterwards, she told me what is boyfriend, how to impress one, what is sex, porn, etc. Lets give her a name “Poo

New Doc 2017-03-09_3
So, this is the story of my first Boyfriend, not relationship as it doesn’t last that long to call it a relationship. It was a day long. Yes, only a day.
Its been 5-6 month in my new school which is no more new for me now, Poo told me what is the meaning of crush, so i was like everyone in my new friend group have a crush, i should also have a crush to tell about in my group. So i started searching who is smart, whom i like, who make me laugh. My thoughts were like:
“So, a crush is whom we like the most and want them to be our boyfriend”
“Who is correct for that?”
“What if the person i like is ugly for my friend”
“What if i got a bad image because my crushes are not up to the level?”
“I should find someone smart and with whom i am happy”
“So whose that opposite sex who is single and i kind of like him?”
After so many random thought for several days. One of my bus mate who was 3 years older than me was really smart lets call him “Nick”, I don’t know i really liked that guy or not but inside i decided that he will be crush so i told Poo that he is my crush and before telling to the girls group of mine i am gonna tell him. Why? Well If he would be interested i will brag in the group that i have a boyfriend, Wooh! So i was talking to Nick on facebook, our talks are like normal as we use to do, that time i don’t really knew how to find out whether the boy is into me or not. I don’t know how to flirt or something So after our topic ended i just messages “I like you” AND i was shocked after reading his reply…

New Doc 2017-04-07_1(2)


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