About my First Post(First Boyfriend)

Hy, This is my my first Post, i was so excited and afraid. My First Post is gonna be about My First Boyfriend.
Everyone have a first boyfriend/girlfriend or a crush incidence. Some are really satisfied with their first attraction incidence and some regret to not get that first one and some lucky girls/guys are so lucky that they are with their first boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time and planning for future. Well i am of those who don’t really regret to get that first one guy but not really satisfied with my First Boyfriend Story. My first immature relationship last one day long, yes One day. I don’t regret but i don’t feel like telling that story to my friend group. I wish i had some good story like i had a crush on some guy who proposed me and we were together for like 1 month and then because of some bla bla issues we broke up and remained friend or something But i am not that lucky guys my story is totally different.
I know you wanna know!


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