Fifth Story: My First Dress

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AND that day was my farewell, everyone is excited and emotional. We were the super seniors of the school and now we are gonna leave all this memories and fun behind heading for a good future. My Dress for this special day was simple and classy, it was from Canada, one of my relatives brought me, actually it was for one of my cousins but she is somewhat fat so it was passed on to me. I was not at all angry or something because the dress was classy and simple, just like one of my types. I was happy for that day but we might never meet our classmates again but i was quite sure that i will be in touch with my close friends and my bro ( classmate who is bro by heart not by blood) and my two best friends, head boy and head girl of the school. I was not at all emotional that, i was in a mood of fun and was thinking how am i looking. There was no dress code at the event, someone was wearing a beautiful gown, someone was in a ethnic dresses, but i was in a one piece. I am not that girly, i never wear dresses like those and it was a big deal for me. I was such a tomb boy types that some of my friends call me “bro” (sarcastically) now also. Lame!!

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Well so here i am in my farewell wearing that black and red, one of my favourite color combination, i am walking through the entrance and my best friend shouted “Oh My God! , you totally looks like a girl” and i was like come on, i am a girl. Then as i meet my classmates, maybe for the last time, i was showered with compliments and female teachers was also kinda interested, of course not male teachers. So, now i am like okay, mission look beautiful at my farewell successful. My day was not unexpectedly fantastic, it was just a special day with my special mates. There was yummy food, dance, DJ and Fun of course.


About The Story: My First Dress

My First Dress, what type of story is this? In her teens every girl want to wear a beautiful or classy dress at some weeding or formal party or something. Every girl has a story of her first dress, when she wore a dress for the first time just the way she wanted, prepare for the event, was excited to wear the dress she has choosen, it might be classy and simple or beautiful and heavy. Plus every boy had a day in his teens when he wore a formal suit at some weeding or formal party, a suit which looks so classy and fantastic. He feels like he is growing up, a step towards adulthood. Well i do have a day when i properly wore a formal dress at my farewell party of high school. I was so excited and happy, i wore that dress like 10-20 times before attending the main event to see how i look like. I wanted to look so pretty and awesome in front of my teachers and friends and juniors of course AND That day was……

After Part: My First Sport

When ,Why and How do i stop practicing Skating?
Well, when i got in higher classes my mom and dad stop supporting for sports and studies should be periority. But then also when i was like 13 or 14 i still use to participate in near by competitions but when it comes to out of town, i was not allowed. I was still contributing something in the sport i love but when my mom dad got separated and i gotta move out with my brother and mom. New School, new friends, new environment. In starting it was somewhat difficult but when i got some contacts, i heard my new school is good in skating competitions but when i talked to sir and starting practicing, i was back my skates, my sports was back but, when the competition came. I was not able to attend. Why? because my level of skating doesn’t match with others so my competition will be on a different timing, so my sir refused to take me to the competition from school side and i can’t go on my own as i can’t tell my mom and grandpa that i am still in sports as i am in high school and they want me to concentrate on studies only. My friends were supporting my completely but sir refused to take my friends with me so i had no choice but to miss the chance. But i didn’t gave up, i talked to sir to change my level of skating, to change my skates and i even start practicing with new skates provided by sir. It was few weeks i have been practicing and i realized what am i doing? i cannot replaced the skates i won competitions with. So at last i gave up.

My First Sport

In one or the other part of one’s life, everyone have a sport, and memories related to that. Maybe you tried one or two and gave up or you tried and failed and tried and tried and won or maybe you were or are a sportsperson. I am the one who tried in many sports and was good in some of them. I was kinda a sports person. I played Baseball, football, was in athletics and skating, also tried swimming which was big fail. My first sport was skating, i was 10 years old when my father gifted me skates and i learned it by myself.

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After a year or so i heard of a competition in school, i got so freaking excited. I was new,  i didn’t knew i can really skate well or not i was so confident about it, i always loved competitions, not like i need a really hard competition to win over or anything, i just love too win, its easy or hard, just love to win and who don’t, everyone love to win, but when you win every single game then your mind and soul demand competition. I participated, i didn’t knew its gonna be that much big opportunity for me but i am glad i was like so confident and tension free that time that i participated which lead to love skating more and more.  For temporary practice coach came up in school and he advice my father to give me training for good future in skating so my father paid him for me and of course my brother, no discrimination.

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In that competition which was basically my first competition, i lost, i fell on the track, but that lost was just a beginning after that i got raining i switch to advance skates, learned that and i was not a noob anymore. Simultaneously i was trying my luck in athletics too but i got too attached with skates and skating. I went to competitions and i won few of them. I meet Poo, who became my classmate and hang out bud afterwards, because of skate, she was also a good skater. I meet many friends there, but i was so immature and was so into skating that i never bother that much about friends and shit, i wish i can be that ME again. Skating was big part of my life, I just love everything about sating, those wheels, those practice, those rinks, those helmets, Every sing thing. Now? Now i don’t do skating as a competition or practice, i do it for fun, for show off maybe, for the memories i got with those skates.

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About the Story: My First Sport

My fourth Story is gonna be about My First Sport as a child. Everyone somewhere, in some phase of his or her life participate in some sports or try some type of Sport. When i met somebody and there’s nothing to talk about then his or her first sport of fav sport is a good topic to talk to. I was a sports girl in my school life, yeah, not now because of some bla bla reasons. My first first sport was skating, interesting NO? Very Interesting for me, i just love skating. I had tried many other sports too but best and first is skating. I started this sport when my father gave me a surprise birthday gift, Skates, and i was so happy even though i didn’t knew how to skate so i learned it by myself and for a year i skate for passing time and because its fun. Then a turning point came and my father gain helped me to rise up as skater but.
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First Porn Site

I am like 12 and a half, studying in 8th standard, I have a great group of friends in school and i was liking the environment and new stuff i am learning like boyfriends and stuff or how to cheat and make fun of people.
Well i am not really close to any one of my friends, i don’t have a best friend or something. I am equally close to everyone, yeah well exceptions are always there, i have a enemy in my group, we will talk about it later. There is a friend of mine who is the daughter of our science miss, lets call her “Sanny” i am not that close to here but she is fun. We decided to hang out at her home.
I am at her home haveing noddles for snacks and her phone rang. *tring tring*
“Oh hi how are you?”
“You are here, really? Wow! thats so great. I have school friend here at home, come we will have fun.”
And i am like what up girl tell me something, i am confused. But didn’t said a word and next moment her cousin is her. I was like so fast? Well she introduced me as her school friend and told me she is her really close cousin her home is near by only and she lives in Delhi.
Everything was going great, we were having fun. I really liked her cousin. Now we don’t have that much to do, we are chatting and her cousin said
“Delhi is boring, i am so bored i don’t to do much, just facebook and p********.com”
and with full curiosity i asked
“Whats p********.com???”

New Doc 2017-04-11_6
they shared a look and told me check the website on my computer when i am alone. Literally i didn’t really got the idea what it would be but i was excited to check that out. To be honest at very first moment i thought its a gaming site i mean come on who name a porn site like that.
when i went home, i waited to for everyone to leave home. My brother was outside with his friends playing cricket or football and my mom went to park for a walk and my father was outside finding a job or drinking somewhere with his buddies. So, i am home alone and i turned the computer on and typed the site.

New Doc 2017-04-11_5
“What the heck is this, so many links?”
“Can’t even read it properly, what is that P****?”
and i clicked on a link and pictures of naked girls poped up “Achievment Unlocked” and i am like
“What the fuck is that?”
“Do Sanny and her cousin watch it regularly?”
“It not that bad tho, it kind of interesting.”
“When will i get that much boobs?”(i was so stupid)
“Is it bad to watch it?”
“I think i should talk about this to mom.”
“I always wanted to know how it happens.”
“I should not talk about this to sanny too, right?”
“Yeah, i should tell anyone i watched it and i kind of liked it.”
“My group will porbably make fun of me.”
“Do all the girls watch this shit?”
“I am sure all the boys watch this.”
“I think it not bad to enjoy it if everyone watch it.”
“Yeah, everyone is not fools”

New Doc 2017-04-11_4

Well I understood that everything have some disadvantages and advantages, its on us how we use it or enjoy it. Everything is is bad out of limit.

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About My Third Story: First Porn site.

Porn! Oh Please! everyone enjoys it. I don’t know the biology behind hormone and all and why we like to watch porn and stuff, but personally I am fed up with these stuff and if you are not a noob in this then you too are now not that interested in these videos, as we might have watched that much that now we can imagine stuff. You know what I mine.

So my third story is gonna be about my first experienced with porn site.

Similar to most of the first time of you guys, my story also start with one of my friend telling me about a site which I thought was a gaming site, seriously how stupid I was.

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After Story (First Kiss)

Time for the after part, What happened to cam and my relationship? We broke up after many fights and stuff. Our relationship last for like 6 months. First as I told you he was really serious for me but that was just a temporary attraction, and at first I took our relation lightly but when he became casual I got serious and our relationship was completely ruined. According to me one of the reasons our relationship failed was our thinking and we were not mature enough. I think whatever happens is for god. While I was struggling with my relationship I met a friend’s brother and talked to him online, who became really good friend of mine and was like one standard lower than me age wise we are almost same as I am one year younger in my class as my mom put me in a school at younger age.

Well that guy was my First Love. Everybody have a guy/girl whom you cannot get over with as they were your longest relationship partner or love of your life or you don’t know why you just cannot forget completely about them. I also got one!

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First Kiss

I had my first kiss when i was like 14 and a half years old. I don’t really remember the date. I am not one of them who can easily mug up the phone numbers and remember everyone’s birthday and stuff, it took me five years to remember mine.

New Doc 2017-04-11_1

Lets move on, I am in 10th standard and i am in a relationship with a senior, who is a science student, for past a month. Lets call my him Cam. So Cam is a smart guy, i like him but basically i am his girlfriend because my group likes him and i want to be the girl with a smart boyfriend.

Cam really like to be with me and he is really sweet. He is a guy who is romantic but is not that involved in fights and all, if by chance he got into a fight, he will the one who always get bitten by some powerful and strong guy of the school. He is not that good studies but i can say he was pretty good in romance. He was asking me for a hang out for past a week so now i planned to go with him on a triad fair. Poo and Nick is also with us as Poo is now my best friend and my hang out buddy now. We are on a double date. I am not really Awkward with Nick he is a really good friend of mine now, i sometimes help him with his relationship stuff and all.

New Doc 2017-04-11_3

Well I am not that found of Swings and all but he force me to acompany him on the Big Wheel and i was thinking at time “Oh my gosh, is he planning for a Kiss?” as some days ago we were talking about our first kiss and he was really excited. I wanna Kiss him but as its gonna be my first one, my thoughts were scaring me:

“What if he didn’t liked it and breakup with me?”

“I am gonna be the girl who got dumb.”

“What if after the ride he will told his friend how bad i kiss?”

“My lips are so dry!”

“I should have put some extra lip bum today.”

“I maybe so bad at it i don’t wanna do it.”

New Doc 2017-04-11_2

and now i am in the big wheel with him. We are sitting facing each other and i grab his hand as i was little scared and we are talking about how tall this swing is, how he is scared of swings and suddenly he slide his face towards mine and asked me for a kiss. I nodded and and licked my lips so that it doesn’t feel that dry and our lips met each other slitly and then we are kissing each other softly. His lips are so watery and soft. He might be good at it, i can’t judge as it was my first time but that 1 minute felt really different and i am like wow “Achievment Unlocked”.

About Second Story(First Kiss)

I had my First Kiss with one of my boyfriend who was kind of serious for me, well i was like take it is easy in the relationship but after my First Kiss i became kind of serious for the relationship but not that was just a strong attraction. That Kiss was not one of my best. That was just like a mistaken one for example when you try to write “A” and the shape of “A” is not at all good but you give it a try and after some time writing “A” is not a big deal for you.
But that made me realised that physical connections are really good for a relationship.

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